Hello is the only Communication and Design Agency in Johannesburg that fully integrates into our clients’ business, thus becoming a de facto Marketing department for SMME’s who want to be effective at every touchpoint in their communication in an era of communication clutter.

Hello’s Brand Plan

Let’s take you on a desktop tour to streamline your brand.


Consultative Brand positioning, Marketing and Communication planning

Before you spend a cent, make sure you have a strategy in place to extract maximum value throughout the marketing lifecycle. We work with our clients to understand the power of the Brand and harness its’ potential.




Content crafted to support both Brand and Business objectives

Content for contents sake is the enemy of effective communication. Eliminate the clutter, speak to the objectives and define your Brand in words at every opportunity. Content should unearth the untapped brand evangelists in your waiting audience.


Contemporary and exquisite design concepts to bolster your Brand

Logo designs & Visual language concepts that imbue your Brands’ DNA in every touchpoint between static and dynamic marketing materials. Our design language employs clean concepts utilizing carefully crafted visual communication that’s intrinsic to the look and feel of the design itself.



Effective Communication platforms that hit the sweet-spot and drive engagement

Execution is everything! We’ve assisted clients in every industry and on pretty much every platform you can think of! Appropriate and effective communication strategies are the key to realizing the potential of your communication goals.


Your External Marketing Department

Hello is the only Communication and Design Agency that fully integrates into our clients’ business, thus becoming a de facto Marketing department for SMME’s in Johannesburg.

We deliver effective solutions at every touchpoint of your communication plan in an era of communication clutter.


General Marketing Advisory

We offer ad hoc Marketing advice, guidance and knowledge when you need it. Regardless of where you are in your Brand journey, we’d love to help you achieve the most from your Brand and your Business.

If we can help get your Brand from Good to Great, we’d relish the opportunity. Our deepest satisfaction is seeing you and your business grow.


General Graphic Design

Need some individual elements designed? Not all jobs are big jobs, sometimes we’re just missing a piece or two to complete the picture. We have flexible pricing options to help you complete your design picture.

Our design portfolio is available to view on our website, we’re very proud of it… just as proud as our clients are when we deliver above their expectations.


General Copywriting

Good content is the greatest challenge in the age of digital communication. There is no shortage of soapboxes to stand, what you’re going to say when you’re up there is the big challenge.

We’d love to help you craft the perfect line, the perfect post or the perfect pitch and turn blah, blah into ja, ja!



Whether its a once-off or some planned over a longer period, we can create adverts for any media that grabs attention, gets the message across and leave a lasting, positive impact to all who see it.

Grab the attention on-line & below the line.


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